Brain health education is key for our survival and well-being. Understanding how our brain works and what it needs to stay healthy are critical components of the Brain Health Center for African Americans (BHCAA). The BHCAA provides culturally tailored information and training to healthcare providers and faith communities that serve African Americans. Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, epilepsy, and raumatic brain injury (TBI) are brain ailments that disproportionately impact African Americans and are the focus of the Brain Health Center for African Americans.


Mobilization and advocacy are major elements of the Brain Health Center for African Americans’ overall operations. Houses of worship play an important role in mobilizing communities and individuals to understand and participate in programs connected to caregiving and brain health equity. African Americans have faced and endured significant health challenges as a result of socioeconomic disadvantages and historical and current injustices. The Brain Health Center for African Americans strives for health equity for all.


Collaboration is necessary to win the fight against African American nequalities in health. A single organization cannot carry out this mission. It will take unification from every brain health organization, faith institution, health care provider, and humanitarian to achieve our shared objective of improving the health and well- being of all Americans. The Brain Health Center for African Americans invites you to join our network of organizations and individuals working to raise awareness of issues affecting African Americans’ cognitive health.